Port Services

Since 1997, CO.M.M.P.A. Srl is a Terminal Operator active in Ancona Port, leading the handling of bulk and miscellaneous goods, with more than 10 million tons handled.

Terminal Operator

ASE was founded in 1997 as Terminal Operator and is authorized by Port Authority (ex art.16 law 84/94) to operate within Ancona Port Bonded Area.  ASE with own means such as Mobile crane, Reach Stackers, Forklift, Tug-master is able to perform all port operations, especially container and bulk cargo handling.

In the heart of the commercial area, the Terminal is constituted by a 250 meters quay, with depths of 10 meters and a 7.000 square meters stocking area. The Terminal is equipped with 3 shore cranes and 1 mobile crane with load handling up to 150 tons, able to perform even exceptional loads and project cargos.

CO.M.M.P.A Team

CO.M.M.P.A. can provide our clients with a long-lasting experience with highly specialized port operators that are able to satisfy all client’s needs and request with passion and professionalism. The Terminal is mainly dedicated to bulk goods and finished metals, in particular aluminum and steel. Regarding aluminum slabs, CO.M.M.P.A. has handled more than 200.000 tons of aluminum, in slabs, ingots, billets and wire rods.