Commitment to excellence and integrity

Our certifications and the 231 organization model

The Company has reached an important milestone in its ongoing journey towards operational excellence and corporate integrity.

Recently, we have obtained prestigious ISO certifications which demonstrate our commitment to quality, environment and safety in workplace. These certifications reflect our ongoing commitment to ensuring high standards in all our activities, from innovation to customer satisfaction, through environment’s protection and our employees’ safety, up to the enhancement of our operational processes.

In addition, thanks also to our legal partners, we are proud to announce the adoption of the organizational management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree. 231/2001. This model reflects our commitment to legality, ethics and transparency in our operations. We thus demonstrate our responsibility towards anyone who has professional relationships with us, guaranteeing a working environment that complies with regulations and is oriented towards mutual respect.

To ensure the continuous improvement of our 231 system, we have established a monocratic Supervisory Body. This figure is responsible for constantly monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our organizational model, identifying areas for improvement and promoting a corporate culture based on integrity and compliance with regulations.

These certifications and regulatory adoptions, as well as the path taken for the protection of personal data, represent a strong competitive advantage for the Company, as they demonstrate to external and internal stakeholders its commitment to quality, sustainability and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, we know that by doing so we can increase the trust of customers, suppliers and business partners, thus improving relationships and opening up new market opportunities, thanks also to our legality rating.

We are pleased to share with you the latest news regarding the company’s ongoing commitment to operational excellence and social responsibility.